The aim of this design was to provide a simple and clear interface for a company selling fairly sourced silver jewellery. The layout makes use of active white space and a simple colour palette, which allows site visitors to easily focus upon important content.

This design is manually coded as a theme for It features product catalogues, updatable products, editable pages, recommended products based upon items being viewed and many other features.

SEN Services

This site was designed for a company working with disabled children. The layout features clear, blocked shapes and a muted colour system, which makes the site easy to digest while looking professional and modern.

The site is developed to be fully editable. Menus, text and images are all controlled by the content management system and pages can be added and removed as needed. This site also features a full blog. The most recent entry is displayed on the front page. This helps keep clients interested in the site and aids search engine optimisation for good Google ranking.

Allison Tipping Floristry

This is a simple portfolio website that I designed for a Devon based florist. The layout is dark and understated to provide an effective frame for images of Allison's work.

The development focused upon the inclusion of an editable gallery into which images can be uploaded by the user with a simple, secure interface.

Astrid's Adventures

This feature rich e-commerce site required a design that would present a lot of information in a clear and digestible way. The layout focuses on establishing the nature of the brand and the type of products being sold while reassuring customers that the company is established, professional and reputable.

This is a theme built on the Magento system, a very powerful shopping cart. Users are provided with an incredibly wide range of options for selling. This is a great solution for serious online shops.

Chris Woods Groove

Chris Woods is a London based guitarist going from strength to strength. This website is designed to showcase his music and provide details of upcoming events.

This site uses the popular content management system Wordpress. Simple methods to publish media from the music social network Soundcloud and the video streaming service Vimeo were essential inclusions.

Exeter English

This very simple single page website acts as an online calling card or brochure. It focuses on selling the main points of Exeter English's service. This is achieved by adding clear blocks of content, a technique often used by magazines.

All XHTML code is hand written to conform to web standards and provide good search engine optimisation.

Msafiri Tours

Msafiri Tours provide volunteer holidays throughout Africa. It was important that this design emphasised a sense of adventure and excitement while reassuring potential customers that Msafiri Tours is an experienced and professional company. One technique used here to help achieve this is the mixture of distressed, brushed edges and sharp muted blocks of grey.

This site is built upon a CMS to update content and add destinations. Information such as price, duration and images can be added for each destination.


Three Little Wishes Photography

A logo for a New Zealand based photography business. It features three wishbones, distorted to look like people holding hands and arches of a church. The company undertakes mostly wedding photography.

Deborah Foreman Photography

The logo of Three Little Wishes' sister company. The colours are reversed creating a more corporate feel, relevant to the work undertaken.

LuSu Training

Sometimes a client will have a clear idea of the concept, in this case a phoenix rising from an egg. It is my job to find a dynamic and unique way to represent those ideas.

Astrid's Adventures

This logo is designed to be evocative of Nordic brands that the company sells, presented in a contemporary style.

Sandfield Travel

Sandfield Travel is a volunteer tourism company offering holidays across the world. This logo represents each of the cardinal directions with an arrow styled to look like an abstract bird. This creates a sense of movement in the design and helps build an atmosphere of excitement and action.


Exmouth Festival Poster

Exmouth Festival is a well attended council run event in Exmouth, Devon. It features an eclectic range of acts in the beautiful Jurassic coast setting. This design concentrated on mixing organic elements with creative references presented as paper cutouts, emphasising the homemade nature of the event.

Chris Woods Album Cover

The well known guitarist Chris Woods required a modern looking album cover that had some kind of play on the theme of wood. This design uses a silhouette of branches with an image of bark in the background and contemporary colour blocks overlaid.

Exeter Acupuncture Rack Cards

Cards designed to feature information on available acupuncture services and available treatments. These cards emphasise the beautiful location of the clinic and continue the theme of green and wood used in the interior design into the graphic design of the cards.

Three Little Wishes Stationery

A set of stationary using the branding established in the logo design.

George Wilson Album Cover

A design for an album cover for Gerorge Wilson, a unique didgeridoo player. I focused upon referencing the nature related culture and history of didgeridoo playing while creating a modern and fresh design.



A mixture of ink drawing, collage and computer manipulation.


A mixture of ink drawing, collage and computer manipulation. These are part of an ongoing series of canvases, if you are interested in visiting an exhibition or would like a print please feel free to contact me.


A mixture of ink drawing, collage and computer manipulation.

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